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The Opportunity

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It is easy to earn money with 8 new ways!

Agel attracts hard-working entrepreneurs who are focused on reaching their dreams. And their drive to achieve has resulted in the sale of millions of our revolutionary, highly desirable gel packs. These focused and energetic people have recruited tens of thousands of others to help them spread the word-which in turn has generated for them ever greater income and security. Some Agel distributors have made millions, while others have created better health for themselves and for others. More than a few have done both. What will you achieve? The possibilities are vast. You might achieve freedom from the daily grind and morning commute. You might find yourself with a body that feels better, works better, and looks better, along with a mind that is quick and focused. It's even possible to end up with a bank account that you never have to worry about. Once you generate enough momentum, you could even have an income-generating machine that frees you from the pressures of making money. Then you might enjoy life like never before...

Home Based Business Opportunity!

The Agel Enterprises Home Business Residual Income Opportunity!

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What does the concept to earn extra income really signify?

Financial Freedom - Want to know more?

Retail Sell Profit!

W ant to make a profit quickly and easily? Then retail sales might be the way to go. With this approach, you buy Agel products at wholesale prices and then sell them at the suggested retail price. It's like you're an Agel store, providing easy access to incredible products that address critical health andwellness needs.

Sell autoship to generate regular retail profits.

Instead of selling single boxes, set up autoshipments of your retail sales directly with customers. This way your customers are ensured of getting their wellness needs met consistently, while you are generating reliable monthly profits. When your retail customer or "Preferred Customer" chooses forautoship, you can place them to the shorter side of one of the two legs in your business ( you have to choose which one and once placed they cannot be moved ). They will not qualify for commissions but their purchases will be counted as a part of your Commissionable Volume.

First Order Bonus!

F irst Order Bonus provides away for your initial efforts to be rewarded almost immediately. You can enjoy profit checks in little more than a month with Agel. Money in your wallet can be a great motivator during your first months to keep building your organization. It can also jumpstart your business, providing you with financial returns until your structure becomes strong. For every person that you sponsor ( or personally enroll ) you will receive a different First Order Bonus depending on the their level enrolled.

Level of enrollment


Executive Kit


Personal Pack


Aim for Executive Level enrollment.

As you can see from the chart, the First Order Bonus for enrollment at theExecutive Level is much greater than for Personal Pack enrollment. If it is not enough motivation for you to enroll at the Executive Level, also keep in mind that it creates the possibility of much more long-term return for both you and your enrolled customer.

Team Volume Commissions!

T eam Volume Commissions are the basic way you'll generate long - term income with Agel income that will grow as your team grows. They are based on your Commission's Volume. Take a look how it works:

  • Build your two-leg business structure.
  • Each business center at Agel has two legs. As you and your team members find new people to enroll, you will add them below your other team members in each leg of your business. The total number of dollars spent on enrollment, autoship, and other product orders by the team members in each of leg of your business is converted into "Commissionable Volume" or CV. An Executive Kit enrollment, Personal Pack enrollment, and each of the different boxes of product have different CV values assigned to them ( see the order pages in your online backoffice for details whenever you place an order, you will be informed of the CV value of that order ). The leg that generates less total CV for any given month is considered your "lesser leg" for that month.
  • Earn 10% commissions on your lesser leg.
  • Agel pays 10% of the Commissionable Volume of each Agel team member's lesser leg back to them in the form of monthly Team Volume Commission checks. That means that for every unit of CV you accumulate in your lesser leg, you will receive ten cents back in Team Volume Commissions.
  • Create reliable Commissionable Volume.
  • As your team grows and creates more business, you increase your CV. The more CV you have in your lesser leg, the bigger the Team Volume Commissions you receive every month. There are no "breakaways" in the Agel Compensation Plan. And there is no "sub-level" income. That means that you can rest assured that you will continue to earn 10% of the entire Commissionable Volume of your lesser leg every month, no matter how many levels your structure is and no matter how strongly or poorly your team members perform.

Leveraged Matching Bonus!

O ur Leveraged Matching Bonus is one of the most innovative compensation plan elements in the history of the network marketing industry. It is also how those aiming for incredible success can generate the income necessary to meet their goals.

Why is it innovative?

This plan allows you to multiply your earnings as your organization grows. In addition to the Team Volume Commissions you earn on your lesser leg, you can earn up to 50% of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by any team members that you have personally sponsored. Think about that! You can also receive a percentage of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by the people in their team structure up to 7 generations down. The amount of Leveraged Matching Bonus you receive for each team member in your structure differs depending upon your leadership status in the organization and their relationship to the team member you personally sponsored.

Executive Bonus!

T he Executive Bonus is yet another bonus available to those who enroll at the Executive Level and who are aggressively pursuing growth in their organization.

Here how it works:

A pot of dough is put aside for those creating growth.

A pool of 3% of the entire company-wide CV is put aside every month. This amount is then divided up among each team member who has shown significant growth in Team Volume Commissions during that month.

The more you grow your CV, the more of the Executive Bonus you get.

You receive one "share" for every 1,000 CV of growth you create in lesser legs during a given month. The number of shares you earn compared to others eligible for this bonus determines how much your bonus will be. This bonus is only available for those who have less than 40,000 CV in their lesser leg.

Luxury Car Bonus!

T he Expense Account is yet another perk of reaching Senior Director status or above. This lump sum is paid to you monthly to help you defray the costs of building your business. You may spend it as you see fit, with no monthly expense reports required.


Allowance per month

Senior Director


Corporate Director


Diamond Director


Double Diamond Director


Triple Diamond Director


Quadruple Diamond Director


Travel Opportunities!

E ach year, top performers, usually at the Senior Director level and above, are invited to the Annual Leadership Retreat and other special events. Expenses are paid for, and the luxury accommodations provided increase as your level of success increases. The most successful team members receive the most lavish amenities.
However, everybody who attends will have a good time, since the locations are always exotic, interesting, and fun. Top corporate and team leaders always attend, so each Annual Leadership Retreat or special event is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know them more intimately and continue networking to build your business.

Good Luck in your trip!

Let Agel guide you along a proven pathway to success. If you commit to doing these simple steps consistently, over time they will produce results!

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