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The Brainwave!

Late in 2004, Glen Jensen had an idea - a moment of pure inspiration.

Glen is what you might call a visionary. Over 18 years in the network marketing industry - working his way up from customer service through international sales to the executive suite - Glen has always had a sense for what people want and how they want to get it. He turns new concepts and strategies over in his mind, finding better ways to do things. And as he lay awake in the wee hours of a chilly November morning back in 2004, he began thinking about...gel.

Athletes use gels to pound carbs right before competition or in the middle of a race. What if anyone could pound nutritional supplements in the same way - when it's most convenient for them? Could a highly accessible delivery system like the one athletes use be versatile enough to work with other consumable products?

The answer launched a powerful new delivery mechanism called Suspension Gel Technology.

Agel Cares Agel Cares Agel Cares

Agel was founded in 2005 and was able to immediately launch in 10 countries due to massive capital funding - a record in the industry. The company paid off that investment quickly to become debt - free in its first year and by its third year was doing almost $300 million in sales in 50 countries worldwide. Agel has a unique yet diverse product line, solid financial backing, and a management team experienced in growing billion-dollar companies. These factors ensure that Agel is destined to become the next giant in the nutritional supplement industry.

Each time technology is used to create a new delivery system in an industry, a new business opportunity is created. When cassettes replaced vinyl records, when CDs replaced cassettes, when mp3 players replaced CD players - at each step a new delivery system was created, and with it a huge new business opportunity. The same phenomenon has been seen in many industries, and now Agel has developed the next step in nutritional health - first it was pills, then powders, then juices, now A Gel. Improved delivery, efficiency, convenience - and an opportunity for financial success. Everyone knows the category creators in a given industry. Everyone knows Coca-Cola, McDonalds, iPod, Listerine, but who are the number 3 or 4 companies in those categories? It takes longer to think of one because the number one companies have such a strong position.

With its category - creating concept of gel suspension technology, Agel is destined to become the household name in the nutritional supplement industry?

A New Category

In the world of network marketing, such conceptual breakthroughs are rare. Every decade or two, it seems, a company comes along with a fundamentally new product or way of doing business. Such companies define a new category and typically become industry icons. Legions of imitators inevitably follow, assuming lesser positions in the marketplace.

Agel has identified the new category of suspension gel technology and is already the market leader. But Agel is much more than that. Technology products require technology companies to market them, and Agel is committed to using every new system at its disposal to develop, produce, and distribute gel technologies and the personal financial opportunities they inspire.

Skin Care

Automated inventory systems, virtual distribution of marketing materials, global web-enabled support... these are just some of the leading-edge integrated systems Agel has leveraged to become, quite literally, the first technology-driven company in the network marketing industry.

The Power of Technology!

Most of us have had first-hand experience with the power of technology to dramatically expand our productivity and personal fulfillment:

  • Compare the instantaneous power of email to, say, handwriting a letter and sending it overseas by boat.
  • Cell phones now carry millions of voices where once native peoples communicated over distance with drums.
  • Today we think nothing of cramming 300 hours of audio onto an MP3 player when, not so long ago, 30 minutes of music on vinyl was an accomplishment.

The rocket–ship ride of technological innovation means we get what we need faster and with more control over how we use it. Technology is all about the speed of delivery and how conveniently it is packaged. Suspension Gel Technology can deliver literally anything the human body can use as well as the speed and convenience that all good technologies deliver. Whatever your body needs, gel can get it to you faster, more accurately, and with more control and convenience. The technology-enabled business systems at Agel mean more personal freedom, more financial power, and a greater speed of growth for Agel team members to reach their dreams. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities...

Why It Matters?

Innovation and technology are the economic engines driving prosperity worldwide. Category - creating companies are raising the standard of living from Silicon Valley to Shanghai. And since Agel employs communication technologies that know no geographical borders, its engine for growth can develop freely across the globe.

Agel made history by launching in 10 different countries on its very first day and its rate of global expansion will continue to be unprecedented. With its leadership in the emerging gel technologies category and its innovative use of technology-driven business systems, Agel has opened the door to prosperity to anyone anywhere anytime.

It's never been done before but Agel just does things differently. While Agel's competitors focus on products and extracts from the "old world". Agel is a bold new vision of the future.

Will it be your future? I'm inviting you to Agel
for Success!

Let Agel guide you along a proven pathway to success. If you commit to doing these simple steps consistently, over time they will produce results!

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